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Benelli tornado 1130 pictures

The Benelli Tornado Tre 1130 delivers achievement that is according to its appearance, which is amid the best adroit in motorcycling. Tornado—which, in a abandonment for a bike, is powered by a 3-cylinder engine—the 88-year-old Italian marque has reasserted itself as a top sportbike manufacturer. Although the bike’s claimed 161 hp does not set it afar from the competition, the Tornado does aftermath biggy torque, lending it dispatch capabilities that are animating yet still manageable.

Adding to the Tornado’s address are such elements as the accession of the radiator aloof advanced of the rear wheel. This agreement improves aerodynamics and centralizes the bike’s weight. Twin electric admirers move air through the radiator, and the designers fabricated the fan blades alike added arresting by appearance them ablaze chicken or red.

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