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Honda Ruckus 50cc scooter japan with transmission automatic

Honda Ruckus .... Manufacturer Honda ! Also called Ruckus ! Production 2002- ..... ! Class scooter ! Engine 49 cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke ! Top speed 70 km/h (43 mph) (2007) ! Power 1.49 kW (2.00 hp) @ 8000 rpm ! Torque 4.5 N·m (3.3 lb·ft) @ 7200 rpm ! Transmission Automatic ! Suspension Front - telescopic forks , Rear - telescopic amper and spring ! Brakes Front and rear drum ! Tires Front - 120/90 R10, Rear - 130/90 R10 ! Wheelbase 1,265 mm (49.8 in) ! Weight 82 kg (180 lb) ! Fuel capacity 5 L (1.1 imp gal; 1.3 US gal)

The Zoomer / Ruckus is a motorscooter developed by Honda and introduced in Japan and America in late 2002 (2003 model year); in Canada and the USA the model name for the same design is Ruckus. The Zoomer/Ruckus differs from more traditional scooters because of its rugged design including tires that are thicker and have deep treads, and a skeleton frame that intentionally lacks an enclosed storage compartment.

The Zoomer / Ruckus is also available within European countries, but is technically different in its execution from both the Japanese and North American models, with the utilisation of a small, single point programmed fuel injection (PGMFI) system, a different fuel pump arrangement (to support the fuel injection) and an oxygen sensor, which is fitted just before the exhaust silencer.

No wonder If the condition of road traffic management, automatic transmit motor is a smart choice. That is why the population of motors without gear shifting continues to increase year after year.
Precisely the most diligent Honda spawned brand new model, although it was limited facelift, though his model is more suitable for girls, and many are menggebernya. This is all for the pursuit of practicality.

Now, in the name of practicality, style and of course, fuel efficient, Honda actually had a fitting flagship for a guy. His name is Honda ruckus. Glance, this is rather nyeleneh ruckus. Matic-based motor scooter, ruckus far from feminine impression. Motor design is basically a bare spot of its own.

Obviously perfectly with the urban life who want a practical versatile and fast. If it's petrol, not be doubted, because Honda ruckus wearing a tiny 49cc engines. Do not be afraid to motor debilitation due to a small engine, because with the naked design weight of this motor will be much reduced.

What is clear, Honda claims ruckus is a great little motor, although a small but strong and tough like most Honda motors
For those geeks modification, Honda Ruckus is the right choice. With wide wheels, low seat, dual headlights retro models and driving a light but steady, clear Honda ruckus fitting choice for cosmopolitan guy.

Honda Ruckus Colors
2003 models: Red or Black
2004 models: Yellow, Black, or Camo (brown camouflage)
2005 models: Black or Silver Camo (gray camouflage)
2006 models: White, Yellow, Red or Silver Camo (gray camouflage)
2007 models: Black or Silver Camo (gray camouflage)
2008 models: Black or Metallic Silver (gunmetal)
2009 models: Matte Gray Metallic or Red

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